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Revival Reimagined

Patterned after the Great Awakening Revivals in America, North Carolina has the unique opportunity to stoke religious fervor throughout the State and the nation. Radical evangelicalism is on its last leg in terms of popularity. The goal is to ensure that this fervor is not capitalized on and used for the benefit of Christian Nationalists. […]

North Carolina Opioid Settlement Funds: Strategies, Resources, and Partnerships

North Carolina will receive $1.5 billion from a series of national opioid settlements totaling $56 billion. These funds will support treatment, recovery, harm reduction, and other life-saving programs and services in communities throughout the state. The funds began to be distributed to counties and municipalities in 2022 and will continue over 18 years. This webinar […]

2024 Come to the Table Conference

Rocky Mount Rocky Mount, NC, United States

The Come to the Table Conference is hosted by the Come to the Table Program of RAFI. The theme for the 2024 conference is “Food, Land & Sacred Stories,” which will explore these pieces as individual concepts and as a continual thread through the lens of race and equity. With a special emphasis on lived […]